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Genres & Authors -Morris Gleitzman, Paul Jennings, Roald Dahl & Andy Griffith

Although I enjoy all genres in children’s story writing, I tend to favor Junior Novels. As the text is generally between 18,000 to 40,000 words, it allows the chance to develop multiple characters, and give a more in-depth description of each individual’s physiological and physiological traits and the way in which they interpret and perceive…

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home is where the heart is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I have decided that it is time to return to what feels like home and home is where the heart is. Of course, the initial reason for working online, was like most people-money. When I started blogging, it was for the purpose of making money online and to be successful at anything in life it…

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction -The Saga Continues

The wisdom teeth extraction saga has proven to be a bit more draining than I had thought. The day that it was done, I went out with my son in the afternoon to an appointment. No-one could understand what I was saying too well with my lopsided chipmunk face but apart from feeling tired and…

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction – The Saga Begins

Leading up to the wisdom teeth extraction, I kept hoping for a decent period of time to be off the idea of eating so I could shed those extra winter kilos. I got that all right! This is what has sent me quiet for a while. Usually I’m a pretty dedicated blogger but the past…

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stop and smell the roses 2

Stop And Smell The Roses

Has anyone ever said you must stop and smell the roses? It is an old saying but i think its a good one. Simplistic in its nature and its meaning but spot on with its validity. I’d like to ask you to stop for a moment and think back over your day. What did you…

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Tash 1

If I Could Go Back In Time, This Is What I’d Tell Myself…

Growing up, growing older and growing wiser would all be easier if I could go back in time and tell myself some useful advice and save myself some heartache. It’s the 21st February and I have broken my oath to never have another birthday. One year ago when I turned 21 for the second time…

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self-sabotage (1)

Self Sabotage In Every Way Possible

Do you self sabotage? Do you fill try and convince others and yourself of your ability to succeed in life? What are your patterns of self sabotage? I’ve  used words like CAN’T, COULDN’T, SHOULDN’T WON’T EVER NEVER I’M SO STUPID WHY CAN’T I…?   Today and this evening, I have spent hours in front of…

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Cupid's Arrow Misses, and Dog Falls In Love with a Man's Leg.

Valentines Day And Cupid Needs Glasses, A Hearing Aid & A Better Aim.

What does Valentines Day mean for the modern day single woman? The modern day single woman knows that Valentines Day is the day to have her single friends on speed dial and a can of maise in her handbag when they hit the town. If you’re a modern day single woman, then the chances are…

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moms and the mulit-million dollar business

Moms And Multi-Billion Dollar Online Business

Moms are smashing the multi-billion dollar market when it comes to online business. The goal of any business is to make money. And, we’re not just talking about the short term but long term goals of increased revenue. To that end, many businesses are missing out on a multi-billion dollar market: moms. Marketing to moms is the…

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Creating Youtube Videos For Your Niche

Creating Youtube Videos For Your Niche Market YouTube marketing all begins with identifying your market, then providing the connection between what your niche market wants with a solid high quality product or service that you can provide them. I’m an affiliate marketer. The products I market take no physical handling, shipping, or paperwork. The first product is…

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working with images

Daily Tip: Working With Images

When blogging as part of your online business, working with images is an  essential aspect to consider. Adding images to your posts creates appeal and value to your blogs. Some images are vital to providing information such as diagrams. So loosing those images and worse, not realising that the images are lost. You may have viewers seeing ugly…

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Daily Tip: Camera Shyness? Take The Flogging Out Of Vlogging

Would you like to be able to do video blogging but you find yourself like a deer in the headlights when the camera starts rolling? Camera shyness is a very common problem. Now let’s take the flogging out of vlogging. Camera shyness is hard to overcome when doing video marketing but here a some tips……

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